What is Community-Based Learning at Canisius College?   

  • A method of learning through experience

  • Connected to courses for credit

  • A way to live out the mission and vision of Canisius College through an experience

  • A call to help to transform the communities in which students serve in positive and meaningful ways

  • Reflection on a community based experience and on critical social justice issues

Canisius College is a Catholic, Jesuit college with a special mission founded on certain cornerstones:

  • Men and women with and for others.

  • Cura Personalis: care of the whole person.

  • Magis: Excellence in all things, never accepting to be mediocre in your efforts.

  • Promotion of social  justice by trying to make a difference in the community and working toward changing unjust structures.

  • Finding God in all things by living out your faith and values.