The 2023-24 academic catalog, courses and programs are editable throughout the academic year using the links listed in the table below. Changes will go through the appropriate approval process in order to be viewable on the live catalog ( Please contact Amy Beiter if you have any questions or to setup a one on one meeting to review your questions. 

Courseleaf FAQs and Tutorials

FAQs and Video Tutorials

Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions.

Courseleaf Programs

CAT for Catalog EditsCIM for Program ManagementCIM for Course Management
Use CAT for changes to catalog page content.

Use to manage program curriculum (majors, minors, graduate programs, some concentrations as defined by the definitions located under Resources).

For changes to courses (name, credits, description, when offered, etc.), to create a new course, or inactivate an existing course.

Pages Pending Approval

If you are required to approve edits to a catalog page, course, or program, you will receive an email notification. The link within the email will take you to the approve console or you can go to and change the "Your Role" drop-down menu to the applicable role. For example, select "BIO Chair" to see all pending approvals for the Biology Department Chair.

Course Scheduling (CLSS)

Please contact Samantha Brennan to setup a one-on-one meeting to review your course scheduling questions.


Click here to watch the CIM/CLSS Overview Training Video

Click here to watch the CLSS Rules, Test, Filters and Bridge Tools Training Video 

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