This page is a repository of key resources Canisius provides to support faculty scholarship. Please reach out to Jenn Lodi-Smith, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, at if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these resources one-on-one. 



  • The Canisius Earning Excellence Program is an exciting learning and earning opportunity that pairs students with Canisius faculty for educational and rewarding experiences. These positions of excellence are intellectually demanding, create opportunities for applied learning outside the classroom, closely related to a career or scholarly field, and directly related to faculty scholarship. Working closely with faculty and on research-focused projects, students are able to achieve a high level of preparedness for maintaining professional working relationships and for continued studies at the graduate level.
  • Applications due in spring semester
  • Link to CEEP Information Page
  • Link to CEEP Website


  • Ignatian Scholarship Day is an opportunity for every student to submit accomplished work from the current or previous semester for exhibit, presentation or performance in a conference environment similar to that of a learned society or organization. Students will present their work through poster displays, oral papers, multimedia presentations, 2 or 3 dimensional art, and artistic performances.
  • Applications due in spring semester
  • Link to ISD Information Page
  • Link to ISD Website


  • Excellence in scholarship at the university is supported by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). The OSP helps Canisius faculty identify and apply for external grants. During the pre-award period, the OSP helps faculty obtain and interpret forms and guidelines, prepare budgets, and interface with institutional administration. Post-award, the OSP helps with the administration and supervision of budgets and personnel. The OSP offers a monthly grant-writing group and annual grant-writing workshops that provide a collaborative environment and financial support for the successful submission of federally funded grants.
  • Link to Office of Sponsored Programs Website


  • The IMPACT Center for Research, Innovation, and Scholarship facilitates faculty research and faculty-student research and collaboration via several mechanisms. The Center promotes research and scholarship within the university using the diverse expertise of recognized researchers and scholars on campus. This group consults with, advises, and mentors new and established Canisius faculty in research- and scholarship-related activities. Given the range of forms of research and scholarship across the disciplines, this support is diverse and includes grant development and writing, study design and analysis (quantitative and qualitative), study and project coordination and/or data management, and intellectual property. In addition, the Center coordinates dissemination efforts through public relations and tracks research and scholarly products produced by Canisius faculty. The Center also supports faculty and student skill development through workshops and other continuing education efforts. Lastly, the Center promotes research and scholarship through institutional advancement in an effort to increase resources for scholarly endeavors. 
  • Link to IMPACT Center Resources


  • Mission Statement: The Canisius Center for Analytics and Data Ecosystems brings together professionals, scholars, and students to support the holistic development of talent and data-driven solutions, addressing current business and societal challenges, and the analytical and data-centric needs for sustainable development, equity, and economic efficiency.

  • Vision Statement: To become the premier resource in the Western New York community for broad-based, interdisciplinary data analytics education and practice.

  • For further information contact Jim Goldstein or Dave Sheets.


  • The writing center is not just for students. Faculty are encouraged to send their manuscripts to Graham Stowe for any support from creative to scientific writing from first drafts to grants to final submissions!
  • Link to the Canisius University Writing Center Website
  • Stay tuned to your email for on and off campus faculty writing retreats during the winter intercession, during spring break, and the week after graduation.


The Andrew L. Bouwhuis, SJ Library is a vital resource for faculty and students. The Library offers a number of services that are designed to support faculty teaching and scholarship activities. 

  • Search the library catalog. Request any item we own through that link, and library staff will make sure it is ready for you to pick up at the service desk.
  • See a list of library research databases. You can search our databases from anywhere by using your Canisius login. 
  • Book a librarian for assistance with research or to learn about library resources.
  • Interlibrary loan: We work with an extensive network of libraries worldwide to ensure faculty have access to needed resources.


The Center for Online Learning and Innovation is readily available to support specialized technology needs in your scholarship.  This includes:

  • Assistance with basic file and communication procedures, such as using cloud storage to share manuscripts or backup data.
  • Training and tutorials for composition, publishing, or presentation such as manuscript formatting, .pdf creation, poster or slide development, and simple data visualization using MS Excel.
  • Light additive manufacturing.  We can print 3D plastic artifacts ranging from instrumentation to complex graphs or visual aids. 
  • In collaboration with the Media Center (ITS), training and tools for audio and video recording and editing.  We can recommend simple but powerful tools for recording and editing interviews, observations, and presentations.  
  • Web publishing.  We can help scholars create web-based resources for data gathering (surveys and forms), point-of-contact, or presentation of research and creative efforts. 
  • In collaboration with ITS User Services, we provide helpdesk service for all information technology supplied by Canisius University.
  • For assistance with specific projects (and beyond what's linked here) please make an appointment with COLI staff.


ITS supplies information technology hardware, and administers campuswide software resources, for the Canisius community.  This includes faculty and student scholarship.

  • hardware for faculty and staff, including individual laptops, classroom-based presentation equipment, and some specialized equipment such as webcams.
  • through helpdesk, troubleshooting for technologies ranging from Canisius laptops to email service.
  • advice and assistance on procuring specialized data management hardware such as storage devices, cloud storage/backup service, or tablets.
  • loan or consultation for procuring cameras, microphones, recording equipment, and other audio-visual gear.
  • Facilities such as the Media Center Studio and Zoom rooms for complex web conferencing.


  • Faculty research, expertise, publications and awards are promoted through the Office of University Communications.  Outlets include Canisius Magazine, The Dome, media outlets (local, regional, national), social media, and the university's website (program pages and news pages).  The university's Merit platform is a tool for promoting student research and accomplishments.
  • Link to The Dome Submission Page
  • Want to report an alumni achievement? Contact Sarah Sterzinger, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, at


  • Canisius google scholar pageClick here to learn how to set up your google scholar profile so you can be associated
  • Travel and conference support. Please contact your dean for school-specific ways to support your scholarly travel and/or attendance at virtual professional development programming.
  • Sabbatical leave program. The Sabbatical Leave Program exists to contribute to the academic strength of the university by providing for intellectual refreshment and professional growth of faculty. The leaves are investments for growth of a faculty member's professional development and teaching effectiveness. Sabbaticals should be mutually beneficial to the faculty member and to the university; they aid professional growth and fulfill the goals of the department and of the university. The program is open to full-time tenured faculty who have completed six or more years of full-time service. Faculty members must be under a tenure contract by the time a sabbatical is taken. Please click here for the sabbatical application.
  • Volume V: 5.5 Research Policies of the Policy Manual documents policies regarding:
    1. Principal Investigators
    2. Research Ethics and Conduct
    3. Retention of and Access to Research Data Policy
    4. Human Subjects (IRB) Policy - Individuals conducting research involving human subjects have an ethical as well as professional, and in some cases legal obligation to ensure the safety, protection, and rights of participants. Individuals conducting research on-campus, off-campus, or online must seek institutional review board (IRB) review and approval prior to data collection. If you have questions, please contact Michael Dolan, at or extension 8468. Please see for more information and an IRB application. If you plan to conduct face-to-face human subjects research, please include a paragraph to your new IRB application or an amendment to your existing protocol addressing how you will manage health and safety for COVID-19. 
    5. Use of Non-human Animals in Research, Teaching, and Demonstrations Policy (Including Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee [IACUC]) - 

      All research and teaching activities involving live, vertebrate animals (including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians) must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The Canisius University IACUC is responsible for ensuring that all activities involving live animals on campus are conducted in an ethically acceptable manner and all such animals receive the highest standard of care and humane treatment. The IACUC reviews applications 5 times per year: twice during the fall semester, twice in the spring semester, and in the early summer. If you have questions or wish to have an activity reviewed, please contact Malini Suchak, at

  • Engaged Scholarship Recognition. Scholarship at Canisius is often engaged in meaningful ways with our community and our mission. The Offices of Academic Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion, and Mission & Ministry want to raise up and recognize this engaged scholarship as well as encourage our community to think about the ways in which our scholarship may now or in the future be connected to specific engagement priorities. Students involved in Canisius Earning Excellence Program projects, Ignatian Scholarship Day presentations, and All-College Honors Theses as well as Faculty Summer Fellows self-identify the ways in which their scholarship reflects targeted engagement priorities. 
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