My Canisius Check list Admin screen


Admins are redirected to the administration page after logging into the myCanisius Checklist app.

From this page, the user will see all available checklist items. The user can then click on any item to edit its properties.


After clicking on an item, the user presented with the Edit Behavior screen:

On the Edit Behavior screen, you can edit the behavior of the checklist item, such as changing the URL, or adding a pop-up message (which replaces the URL). You can switch TABs between the various groups if your item is available to them (ex. freshmen, transfer etc.).


(Only one of these options can be used at one time. If you fill in both, only the Pop-up message will be used, the URL will be ignored.)

Item URL

This is the URL that the checklist item will direct the student to. Clicking on this item will set it to pending/complete.

Pop-up message Text
This text will pop-up instead of sending the student to a specific URL. Clicking on the checklist item will automatically set the item to pending/complete




The second option is the Edit Dates screen.


On this screen you can TAB between the various semesters that the checklist item is available.

For each semester, you can add an End Message, and add/edit/delete the Start, Due, and End dates.


End Message
This message will display for the student once the End Date has passed. This will allow the checklist item to remain on their list, but will display the below message rather then allowing them to complete the checklist item.



Start Date - The date the checklist item becomes available.
Due Date - The date the item is due. Indicators will display alerting the user that the item deadline is approaching.
End Date - The date that the item is no longer available and will be removed from their checklist.



Once all edits are complete, click Save Changes, or click Cancel to back out to the main screen.



A message is displayed upon saving to indicate a success or an error.

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