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Friday, November 17, 2017-2-4 pm

Regis Room, Winter Student Center

Please join in an important conversation between faculty, admissions and marketing. Your thoughts and ideas for the recruitment and marketing of the next freshmen class are valuable and we are anxious to hear them.

Lynn Rybak, from the Women’s Business Center, will be working with us to guide our conversation. Matt Wojick, Bill Collins, Justin Rogers and I will also be there. 

Please RSVP to, by 12 pm on Thursday, as we want to be certain to have enough refreshment.

A separate conversation will be scheduled to discuss Graduate Admission and Marketing. The date is forthcoming.

All faculty are welcome!

  1. Forum Outline UGAdmMarketingFacultyForumAgenda.docx
  2. Questions to Consider Prior to the Forum Questions to Consider in Advance.docx
  3. Items to Read in Advance
    1. Like, Love, Delete Likelovedelete.pdf
    2. 2017 Survey of Admissions Directors: Pressure All Around Adm Directors.pdf
    3. Canisius College Admitted Student Survey: Prospective Student Selection Criteria ASQ 2017_Selection Criteria.pdf
  4. If you would like to ask questions before the Forum, please visit
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