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The purpose of Blogs@Canisius is to advance the mission, vision, service and academic enrichment of Canisius College.  As social media trends continue to grow, we believe that we should be on the forefront of those opportunities. Blogs allow you the freedom to discuss research, academic interests, and many other topics of interest to the Canisius community and the academic community at-large.  As the administrator of your blog, you have the freedom to add contributors (i.e. co-researchers or students), upload media and more.


The purpose of Blogs@Canisius is to advance the mission, vision, service and academic enrichment of Canisius College.  As a User of this College sponsored resource, you agree to adhere to the  Acceptable Use Policy for faculty and staff and the policy for students (as applicable). 

User(s) is defined as:

  • Staff, faculty, consultants, and other workers at Canisius College including all personnel affiliated with third parties, such as contractors and visiting professors; and
  • All enrolled students at Canisius College, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; and
  • Any individual or group authorized to create posts (not comments) on the blog

Blogger(s) is defined as:

Any User that has received authorization from the College to host a blog on the College’s server(s) or; has been authorized by a Canisius representative to have access to write blog entries.

The Canisius Blog is an open environment.  Access to the blogging system can be viewed by anyone knowledgeable of the blog’s address.  This provides the blogger with the opportunity to interact with academia outside of the Canisius community.  This also limits the privacy that a Canisius Blogger may prefer.

Bloggers will have access to create and manage their blog.  While hosted by Canisius College, access to the blog includes but is not limited to the creation of blogs; addition of authors and users and; general control over the contents of the blog. Bloggers are to use reasonable measures to ensure that they and any Users authorized by the Blogger are aware and agree to the scope of these guidelines.

  1. As a User of Blogs@Canisius, you will not share any private or confidential information regarding the institution.
  2. The Blogger is held liable for the context and the factual nature of the content of any and all information they post including but not limited to text and other sources of media (i.e. quoted text, music, photos, etc.).
  3.  The College reserves the right to remove comments and posts that are deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or violates the policies of the College.
  4. Information posted on the blogs is owned by the College.  This, however,  is only to the degree that any comments or posts that are deemed to be inappropriate or offensive can be removed by the institution as its owner.  In general, however, all content generated by the User remain the property of the individual regardless of its removal from the site.
  5. Any requests received for official responses from the media should be directed to the Office of Public Relations.
  6. Bloggers must immediately remove any spam or inappropriate comments. (Although efforts will be taken by the College to filter spam)

Acceptable use includes but is not limited to:

  • Advancing the mission, service and academic enrichment of the institution.
  • Sharing academic information or opinion which will enhance the knowledge of the reader.
  • Use of blogs for classroom discussion or learning activities.
  • Additional acceptable uses can be found in the acceptable us policies noted above.

Unacceptable use includes but is not limited to:

  • Engaging in any illegal activity using the blog.
  • Introducing malicious software into the College’s servers or network.
  • Use the blog to violate intellectual property laws.
  • Use the blog for for-profit activities.

Canisius encourages reader contribution through comments but reserves the right to remove comments containing personal attacks, obscenity, defamation, false statements of fact or invasion of privacy. All blogs need a moderator who will moderate the blog for appropriate content and comments. 

Tips for a successful blog:

  • Update your blog regularly. (The best way to get readers involved and coming back is to give them something to think or talk about.)
  • Blog about topics that interest you.
  • Try to draw your audience in with questions.
  • Only create accounts for Users that will add content or will enhance your blog.
  • Respond to comments soon after they are posted and be respectful of others’ opinions.
  • Invite those that may be interested in your content to view you blog.
  • Use other methods of letting people know you have a blog (emails, Facebook, professional networking, etc.).
  • Use tags in your posts so that people can easily search for topics of interest (explained in Help & Tutorials).