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Digital badges are virtual forms of credit used to recognize professional development. Digital badges are the new form of certificates and are a way to recognize the contributions and competencies of our practitioners. Though they may just seem like images, they are actually linked to evidence of the achievement or skill earned. Once earned, individuals can display their collection of badges in multiple virtual spaces to demonstrate their knowledge. At the Center for Online Learning & Innovation, we have developed a badging system to recognize the contributions and competencies of our practitioners. COLI Badges can be earned by all Canisius faculty, staff, and students. They are awarded after an individual attends a COLI event or training. Additionally, we have created constellations of levels of badges, so that earners have clear paths to move from novice to master. Badges create a virtual way to track and display professional development. In the future, badge systems could be combined with additional incentives such as promotion/tenure, institutional recognition, mentor opportunities, and further professional development.

43 badges and 6 master badges will be offered in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Things to know: 

 Who is eligible to receive a COLI badge?

Faculty, students, and staff from the Canisius community who participate in classes offering digital badges will be eligible to receive a digital badge from COLI.

 How many badges can I earn?
  • There is no limit to the amount of badges you can earn.
  • Badge offerings will be updated every year, like COLI trainings. This will allow individuals the opportunity to earn a variety of badges every year. 
 How do I accept my badge after attending a COLI training?

We are using the Credly platform to distribute badges. 

Soon after your session ends, you will receive an email invitation from Credly to accept your badge (subject line = “You’ve been given credit”). This email will be sent to the email address associated with your class registration. The email provides a link for you to review and accept the badge. You must accept the badge to activate and display it.

Complete these steps to begin displaying your badge:

    1. Click the “Save and Share” button in your email invitation. You will be automatically directed to the Credly website, where you will create a free account if you do not already have one.
    2. The first time you set up your Credly account, use the email address that the Office of Research used to award your badge(s). If you prefer, you can change this email address once you have registered your account.
    3. The first time you accept a badge from us, you are required to accept the badge through the Credly website. Check the box for “Trust Issuer.” This will set up an automatic process so that future badges awarded to you by COLI are automatically accepted and displayed in your Credly account. Because you checked the box for “Trust Issuer,” all of your COLI badges will now display the letter “T” on a green shield.
    4. Once you have set up your Credly account, you can keep track of all the badges you’ve been awarded by clicking on the “Earned” tab. (Credly automatically awards you a Credly badge for creating an account.) 
 How can I use or display my badges?
You can display career skills digital badges on an electronic resume/CV, LinkedIn, Facebook, e-Portfolio or other social networking platforms. Besides having the ability to embed linked badges, regular hyperlinks can be created that link others to the training information. You may wish to add these links to the area for professional development on your yearly employee evaluation (for staff) or in the Professional Activity Report (or Annual Report) (for faculty).
 Are there any other colleges issuing badges?

We are very much inspired by badge initiatives at other colleges, including SUNYUniversity of Wisconsin at StoutSUNY Stony Brook University, and University of Michigan Medical School.



COLI is using to distribute the COLI Badges. Credly integration allows COLI lots of possibilities for crediting professional development in the future, including for participation and successful completion of virtual trainings via the COLI Blog. Earners will be able to collect, track and promote their earned badges on Credly, as well.

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