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Self-paced trainings are currently being developed and will be featured here starting Fall 2017. Stay tuned.

For many of the workshops COLI offers to students, faculty or staff, we have an online supplemental guide.  These wiki pages include instructions related to each session, some helpful links to related COLI or other web-based resources, and some additional materials such as checklists or references.  These helpful guides allow you to revisit training content covered in a workshop.  Some guides are already created and these will be updated as necessary.  Others are in the process of creation; check back soon!  If you have a suggestion for a workshop, please let us know.  

Currently, there are guides, or plans to create guides for:


  • These guides, like any other pages in our wiki, are bookmarkable.
  • You can sign up for and attend the same workshop again.  We're happy to have you in our workshops as many times as you need them!


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