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For Event dates, times, and availability, see the Faculty Development Community.

D2L Essentials

If you are a new professor at Canisius, or if you have taught at Canisius for awhile but would like to learn or review essentials of D2L, COLI offers a workshop that’s perfect for this.
In this training session professors get the very basics of teaching in D2L:

  • Upload files so students can get them.
  • Organize your course content.
  • Set due dates so students can see them (in multiple places.)
  • Build a gradebook.

Later, you’ll discover all sorts of other features useful for teaching your classes, in your particular discipline. But this session gets you started using D2L and using the internet to save time and effort teaching. Review the COLI Calendar to see times and locations for these and other training events.

D2L: Grades and Feedback

Workshop for Canisius College Faculty.  Since you need to manage grades anyway, why not use D2L's tools to calculate totals and averages, and display realtime grades to students?  Plus, you can provide students feedback efficiently within D2L's dropbox and discussions tools.  In this training, Canisius faculty can discover ways to save time while providing students valuable feedback on coursework. 

Online Faculty Development Course (OFDC)

The Center for Online Learning & Innovation offers a five-week mini-course for Canisius College faculty, that prepares professors to teach online and hybrid courses. 

Click Here for Details.

Getting Started in Qualtrics

In this workshop, participants learn the basics of building online surveys or data collection forms using Qualtrics. Afterwards, users will be able to build, manage, operate, and distribute simple forms, and get the resulting data. They will also be ready to explore more advanced tools for enhancing their survey and data-form procedures. This workshop is useful for skilled and experienced survey researchers planning to move into Qualtrics. It is also valuable for faculty and staff who are considering online surveys or forms for the first time, and seeking an introduction to form-building and basic data collection on the web.

Smarter Forms in Qualtrics

Create smarter forms that adapt to respondents based on their early responses. Your form can skip irrelevant questions, ask them personalized questions that refer to things they entered earlier, or show them images as part of questions. Use email lists to send personalized invitations and reminders to respondents, and record their participation, whether or not their results are kept anonymous.

Web Conferencing with Zoom

Learn to Web Conference! Meeting via the internet is now popular across campus, as more and more faculty and staff adopt web conferencing to save time and expense, and bring guests from around the world into classes. In general, knowing how to schedule and manage web meetings is a valuable business skillset. In this workshop, you’ll become familiar with Zoom, our web meeting and conference provider here at Canisius. You’ll learn how to schedule meetings, inviting participants, and make subsequent changes to meeting plans when needed, even on short notice. Plus, you’ll discover the various things you and your meeting participants can do, such as turn on and off webcams, present a slideshow, and generally manage meetings smoothly and professionally. Unlike a lot of more specialized skills, web conferencing is useful across a wide variety of jobs, from day-to-day communications to special projects, impromptu meetings to big events. While the technology will likely evolve, most software for running web meetings is quite similar or will be so in the future, so learning it now means learning new features or other applications will be easier. So that they are highly interactive, space in these workshops is limited. Please RSVP by emailing

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