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D2L Video Note

Record short webcam video messages for your students, anywhere you can enter text in D2L:

Click Here for Full Screen

Turnitin Tools for Writing Feedback

Set up Turnitin Tools' Feedback Studio so you can provide line-by-line feedback on your students' writing:

Here's how you can use Turnitin in your course:

Lastly, here's a general guide to students for finding feedback you've submitted through D2L, including using Turnitin Tools.  You can add this link directly in your D2L course space:

Kahoot for In-Class Quiz Games

Kahoot is free for basic use


COLI has a Screencasting Guide 

You can request a Screencast-O-Matic pro account from COLI.  This includes an editor

Google Sites for Simple Website Construction

See our COLI Guide for Google Sites.  The entire guide can be linked in your course space, so students can use it to complete a project.

See the D2L and Google Apps guides for more tech tutorials and ideas

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