Welcome to Canisius College!


This guide serves as a quick reference for new students, undergraduate and graduate, at Canisius College, particularly focused on coursework and learning via the internet.  

Although maintained by the Center for Online Learning & Innovation, here you'll find links to resources from various offices that may be helpful during your first semester at Canisius.  

Technology Support

Quick Guide to Technology Services for Students

A guide to information technology available to students at Canisius College.

The Helpdesk

Contact the helpdesk for information technology support.

Support for Online Learners

Readiness for Online Learning 

A short guide to succeeding in online courses at Canisius.  Also helpful for online-based courses in the Fall 2020 semester.

ID Cards for Online Students

Canisius Tools and Tutorials

my.canisius.edu: The portal. Log in here, and on the left are links to nearly everything you'll use day-to-day.  You can use the web-address lined here as a bookmark in your browser.

d2l.canisius.edu: D2L, the learning management system. This is linked in the portal, but this link takes you there directly.

Canisius Student Email Your student email. This is linked in the portal, but this link takes you there directly.

drive.my.canisius.edu: Google Drive (and other Google Apps). This is linked in the portal, but this link takes you there directly.

Other helpful Academic Offices and Services

Canisius Student Support

Your General Guide to Fall 2020 at Canisius.  You may have gotten here from there.  Be sure to review all resources there!

Griff Center for Academic Engagement (Includes:
  • The Study Center & Tutoring Services

  • Academic Mentoring Program

  • Supplemental Instruction

  • Accessibility Support Office 

  • Career Center

Veteran Services
Library Services
Student Health Center
Student Accounts
Campus Programming
and Leadership Development
Student-Athletics Academic Support
International Student Programs
Student Records and Financial Services
Counseling Center
Student Life
Multicultural Programs
Information Technology Services
Global Education (Study Abroad)

Canisius Bookstore

Community-Based Learning

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