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Here you will find links to Canisius College policies governing faculty, staff, and student conduct, and procedures for complaints or grievances.  Access to volumes of the Canisius College Policy Manual is limited to current students, faculty, and staff of the College.

Non-Academic Polices & Procedures 

The Canisius College Student Handbook includes policies relevant to and governing the student body, both on campus and online.

More information on policies concerning student life at Canisius can be found in Volume IV: Student Life Policies of the Canisius College Policy Manual.

Volume IV: Student Life Policies of the Canisius College Policy Manual contains guidelines for student grievances unrelated to specifically academic matters. This process ensures that students have the opportunity to raise grievances which have remained unresolved after previous attempts to do so, and that these concerns will be dealt with in a just and fair manner.

The Bias Reporting Form provides students a quick way to report bias or bias-related misconduct at Canisius College.

Polices and Procedures Governing Academics

The Canisius Catalog contains the Code of Academic Integrity. This includes a student code of conduct, and procedures related to violation of the code.

Academic Policies

Basic Academic Policies concerning students can be found in the Canisius Catalog. These include grades policies, and grade grievance and academic misconduct procedures. Complaints concerning academics generally follow the same procedure as a grade grievance. More information may be found in Volume V: Academic Policies of the Canisius College Policy Manual.

Students with questions regarding academic policies or those seeking advice on handling situations related to grade grievances, violations of the code of academic integrity, or other matters pertaining specifically to academics may wish to speak to someone outside the normal decision and appeal processes. Students are welcome to contact an advisor in the Griff Center for Academic Engagement or the associate vice president for academic affairs for an explanation of academic policies or general assistance in these matters.

Students should seek resolution of complaints with all appropriate Canisius College officers, including their professor, academic program director, Dean, or Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.  If a student has exhausted all these options, the student may address their concern to:

Emily Sutherland
Supervisor of Higher Education Programs
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234

Since Canisius College participates in the NC-SARA consortium, the above contact is appropriate for residents of other states and territories of the United States, as well as New York State.  This is in accordance with NC-SARA's Student Complaints Process.

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