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Helpful Tips 

Your phone or tablet probably has an app supplied by the manufacturer or OS developer.  But there's plenty of other apps you can download, for free or purchase, to operate your mobile camera that give you additional and creative features.  Here's some examples: 


Pixlr Mobile


Paper Camera


Adobe Lightroom


Google Video Editor

Your mobile phone or tablet camera probably has options to change how it functions. For example, on many models you can:

  • set external keys to operate functions of the camera, such as the shutter (taking a picture) or the zoom function.
  • adjust how the phone handles different lighting conditions
  • set a timer for the shutter
  • use voice commands to operate the phone
  • set the file size for photos and videos. (Remember, if you're posting photos to the web you don't need super-high resolution.)

Take a look at your phone's help documentation, or check out YouTube for tutorials on how to access these possibilities!




There are accessories available for mobile phone and tablet photography. These affordable peripherals make taking great photos and videos with mobile devices much easier, and cheaper than using more expensive cameras.

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