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OfficeNewsletter TitleSubscribersOverlap with other listsOutput
*Griff CenterParent1,500N1/m
College CommunicationsThe Dome

staff - 382

fac2fac - 197

adjunct - 373

Student LifeToday@Canisius

undergrads - 2346

grads - 1018



(currently paying $6950 to Automated Prospects)

advertisingabout 50,000Y4-8/m
Dean's Emails
President's emails
EnrollmentGrad/UG emails (will be moving to Slate in about a year)students/parentsY4-8/m



Campaign Monitor:

Constant Contact:

Managing duplicate subscribers: 

Use a Master List

MailChimp treats all the lists in your account separately, and your Monthly Plan billing is based on your total subscriber count across all your lists. It can be more costly to maintain multiple lists, and you may run into compliance issues if bounced addresses are removed from one list in your account, but still exist in the subscribed section of another.

If you have duplicate subscribers across different lists, consider combining your lists into a master list and using groups to organize your subscribers. This can simplify your list management, and may reduce the cost of your monthly bill.

Ways to Combine Lists in MailChimp

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