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The Canisius Wiki offers many different tools and methods to format text, images, graphics, and even videos.  But there are important factors to consider

Create Something That Is Easy to Maintain

  • Use links to avoid repetition.  Say it in one place, and then link to it from other places.  If you have lots of repetitive text, tables, or even embedded videos on a page or several pages, a change in one place may mean a change in others.  Can you avoid this by using hyperlinks to a single page, for example?


  • if you want your wiki pages to be viewable and navigable by people using smartphones or tablets, consider carefully what is or is not compatible with the mobile version of Confluence.  This admittedly limits what you can do, but for most documentation, this isn't a problem. 
  • Ignore the lefthand sidebar menu.  This doesn't appear in mobile, so don't rely on it to provide a navigable menu for your space.  Instead, create menus and tables of contents within pages.
  • Many macros do not appear on a mobile device.  A few do.  Our favorite is probably "Children Display" for creating auto-updated lists.  If using a macro, always test for mobile visibility if that's a priority.
  • Mobile-friendliness may not be a priority.  For example, if you are preparing a closed space, available only to a few committee members, then you may the benefits of certain macros more important than keeping the page easy to use on a smartphone.

 :  In settings, a Google Calendar can be set to embed by default as an agenda list.  (See the COLI main page.)  This might be friendlier to Mobile (although I wish it would, by default, show more than just the next few weeks.)


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