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Choose possible dates and times for the event.  List as many as possible, given constraints and circumstances.

Check Canisius calendars for what else is going on at those times.  Are there competing or conflicting events (including campus holidays). that should eliminate a choice?

Book a room/location.  Remember that Events Services needs to confirm room reservations.

Would you like food or beverages at the event?  Order from Chartwells.

What is your publicity plan?  Here's some suggestions:

  • The Dome.  An online/email newsletter for faculty and staff.
  • Today at Canisius.  A online/email newsletter for students on campus.
  • Printshop for posters, flyers, and other paper signs.

Media Services

  • Special media technology requirements for the speaker
  • Would you like the event videorecorded? 

Other key individuals

  • Would you like a member of senior leadership introduce the speaker?  Contact their office as soon as possible.  If they are able to do it, provide a synopsis bio, and any other remarks you'd like them to make.  
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