Learn how to create an Assignment folder in your Panopto Course Folder so that students can use Panopto to record and upload video assignments. This can be used for Dropbox Assignments, Discussion Boards, and more.

Note: If you have not already, you will need to install the Panopto LTI link into your D2L Course.

1Find and click on your Panopto LTI link.

2Click on the Gear icon in the upper-right to access the Settings menu.

3In the Settings menu, make sure you are in the Overview Tab. Then, find and click on "Create Assignment Folder" in the Assignment Folder Section.


When you do, the information here will update. You should see the name of the parent folder (in this case, Workshops - DEMO5_WORKSHOPS - WORKSHOPS_CAN101E_Demonstrator Course) with "[assignments]" added to the end of it. The option to Close the Assignment folder is there too.


To rename the Assignment folder, first exit out of the settings for the course folder.

6Find and click on the Assignment Folder, which should appear in the upper-left. If you hover over the folder, the full name should appear.

7Click on the Settings (gear) icon in the upper-right.

8Under Folder Information find the Edit link to the right of the name of the assignment folder. 


Make sure the name is descriptive as students will need to choose which folder they are recording/uploading to. The folder name should include the course information at least.

For example:

Workshops - DEMO5_WORKSHOPS - WORKSHOPS_CAN101E_Demonstrator Course: Responses to Week 1 Assignment


When you are done, click on Save below the name to finalize the new name.

Some Notes/Recommendations:

  • Keep in mind that, when you close an Assignment folder, it is closed for good. It cannot be re-opened. You will still maintain access to all videos within, but students will be unable to access these videos.
  • Students will be able to use the same Panopto tools as you are able to if there is an active Assignment folder in your Course. Students can add, edit, or remove videos uploaded to a Panopto Assignment Folder. However, only the student and yourself can view the video. 
    • Wherever students can use the text editor, they can install Panopto video (Dropbox Folders, Discussion Boards, Quizzes, etc.). However, only you and the student can view this video. It cannot be shared with other students unless you manually move the video to class folder.
  • You can create a Panopto Assignment Folder for a specific activity, close it when the activity is done, and open another Panopto assignment folder for a different activity.
    • Or you can use the same assignment folder and leave it open for the length of the course. It's all a matter of how organized you want video assignments to be if you view student-created video from the Panopto Dashboard.

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