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Submit Panopto Video

If your instructor is requiring you to use Panopto to submit a video, you may be a little lost. Follow this video or the steps below which show you how:


Determine whether your are to submit to a dropbox, or a discussion topic (so that other students can see the video.)

Navigate to the Dropbox or Discussion that you are supposed to submit your video to.

2In the case of a dropbox, it will work a little differently from a regular one. Scroll down until you see "Text Submission".

3Here, things become similar for either a dropbox or discussion post.  In the Text Editor, click on the Insert Stuff Button, it is next to the Insert Link chainlink icon.

4Scroll down to the bottom of the list. Find the option titled "Student Panopto Submission". Do NOT use the Insert Panopto Media option.

5In the next pop-up, you can either choose a previously uploaded or recorded video, upload a video, or record a video.

6Once you have chosen/uploaded/recorded your video, click on Insert.

7You will be able to preview the video before you insert it into your text submission. When you are done, click on Insert again.

8You'll have one more chance to make sure that it is the correct video file. If so, click on Submit (in a dropbox) or Post (in a discussion post).


When you do, you will be sent to the Review Assignment Page. It is highly recommended that you take a screenshot of this page or save the page as a PDF and also save the submission confirmation email.

Use Panopto Capture

1Click on the "Record" tab, all the way to the right.

2Change the name of your recording.

3Select "Capture (Browser)", the icon on the left.

4Panopto Capture will launch in a new browser tab. Note that you may see a pop-up asking if you want Panopto Capture to access your microphone and camera-- make sure you click "Allow".


At the top, you can choose what Panopto will record.

Audio: Choose the Microphone that you want Panopto to use to record your voice.

Video: Choose the Webcam that you want Panopto to use to record you.

Screens and Apps: If you have multiple screens, you can choose which screens to record. If you have multiple applications or programs running (like PowerPoint, your web browser, etc.), you can choose which programs you want Panopto to record.

5aFor other video settings (like video quality, background, etc.), click on the gear icon in the lower-right.

6To start recording your video, click on the red circle in the bottom center of the screen. You will get a 5-second countdown before the recording starts. To stop the recording, come back to the tab that Panopto Capture is open on and click on the red square.


When you stop the recording, you will be given a few options including to start a new recording (Record New), restart the current recording from the beginning (Redo), change the title of the recording, enter a description for the recording, and to edit and/or preview your recording.

NOTE: You do NOT need to share the video with your students. It will automatically be available to them.

See the Using the Panopto Video Editor for more details on editing your video with Panopto.


Be careful when using Panopto Capture! If you close the browser or tab that the recording is on too fast, your recording may not upload to Panopto. When it is safe to do so, Panopto will provide a message in the upper-left "Upload Complete. It's safe to close your browser window".

This message may take longer for longer videos. 

For shorter videos, you may miss this message altogether-- if you see a message saying "Putting on the finishing touches", you are fine to close the browser or tab that the recorder is on.

9To add your newly recorded video, go back to D2L. Unintuitively, your video may not immediately appear in your list when you click on "Choose". Simply click on back in the lower right and then find "Student Panopto Submission". Your recorded video(s) should now be in your list and you can insert them.

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