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Connecting your Social Media Resources

You may only be one person with a limited amount of time maintaining your office's social media account, but by connecting all of your social media accounts you can seem like you are everywhere.

Connecting a blog to a Facebook page:

  • Networked Blogs app.
  • Must have 3 people verify you.

Connecting a blog to Twitter:

  • Use the Twitter Widget Pro plug-in for Wordpress.

Connecting Twitter to Facebook:

  • Use Co-Hootsuite (,
  • Connect the Facebook account in the settings area.

Co-managing your Social Media Accounts


  • Use


  • Add users as admin through the page settings.


  • Add users as admin through the blog settings.

Scheduling Social Media Content


  • Use Hootsuite to schedule posts.


  • Posts can be scheduled through posting area.


  • Use Hootsuite to schedule posts.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Baby steps.
  • If you were to choose only two? Facebook and Twitter.
    • Only one? Facebook.
  • Create a plan (present-5 years, member goals, engagement ideas).
  • Identify a manage (someone who must maintain the accounts weekly).
  • Link to info that is accessible all in one location, such as your Web page or a blog.
  • Request that people 'like' you Facebook and Google+, 'follow' you on Twitter, and 'connect' with you on LinkedIn.
  • Include links to your social media accounts in your email signature, profiles, and communications.
  • Engage your audience with posts, contests, and ask for submissions.
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