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Have you been asked to submit a PowerPoint presentation to your instructor? Here is a helpful guide. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create your PowerPoint file. 
    1. Learn more about PowerPoint and find tutorials specific to your PowerPoint version.
    2. Collaborate on a Google Slide presentation. 
  2. Narrate and save your PowerPoint file to your computer. Choose from the following:
    1. Create a video presentation in PowerPoint. 
  3. Upload or attach your PowerPoint or video file. (If you have a presentation with a large file size, you will want to follow step c.iii. 
    1. Upload your file to a D2L dropbox. 
    2. Attach your file in Gmail. 
    3. Upload your file to Google Drive and then link to it. 
      1. Google Drive at Canisius tutorial.
      2. Sharing a file or folder in Google Drive with someone else/collaborating on a file or folder.  
      3. Paste the link - 
        1. In an email. 
        2. In a document that you can upload to D2L. (Then follow step b. to upload the file to a dropbox.)