Before You Teach Online

Join the Online Faculty Development Course (OFDC). 

Develop proficiency in D2L (This is built into the OFDC, too.)

See the Academic Affairs Faculty Development Resource for on-campus events related to online pedagogy.  These give you the chance to learn from colleagues who teach online.

See the COLI-curated Zotero Group list of great resources for online teaching

Develop your course

  • The OFDC will guide you through course design specifically for online and hybrid format.
  • You can refer to the Online Teaching Tools Quick Reference for a refresher on some early possibilities.
  • Register your course with the Office of Student Records and Registration specifically as an online or hybrid course.  Your course will have a suffix code that is something like "ONA" or "HYB."
  • The course catalog should include, within the description, that the course is online or hybrid format.  
  • Include the Readiness for Online Learning Site, so students unfamiliar with online courses can prepare to do a good job in your course.

Continue Your Development

See what events COLI offers related to online teaching.  Continue to develop your online proficiency in conversations with colleagues.

Visit the OFDC Archive in D2L, or the COLI Guide to Teaching Online, to see how COLI has updated it's online faculty development with new insights, tips, and tools.

Review the Basics for Course Design Guide, which summarizes fundamentals for course design.

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