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Blog URL:

Students/Student Groups posting to the blog

  • Submit your post information here:
  • According to the blog, students must submit posts by 2pm at least the day before, but may schedule the post further out by using a date in the title (as per the directions on the submit page) . 


  • To log in to the blog:
    • Use your authorized college username and password. If you are not authorized, please contact
  • This blog primarily uses The Dome recipe
  • According to the blog, students must submit posts by 2pm. 
    • Students will submit their posts to the AccessPress Anonymous Post form plugin in Wordpress.
    • These submissions will create a pending post. 
    • A GA or other StuLife personnel should log in after 2 to publish the remaining posts. 



Login for Mailchimp.

    • Only authorized college staff can access this information. If you are not authorized and believe you should be, please contact


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