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This guide accompanies a basic training session covering basic operations in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Check the COLI Calendar to see when the next available training takes place on campus.


MS Excel and Google Sheets aren't the most exciting applications, but spreadsheets are vital in a wide variety of jobs and organizations.  Both Excel and Sheets empower users to create simple-to-sophisticated data management tools.  Whether you're reviewing and archiving Desire2Learn gradebooks, making complex calculations in your research, or just keeping track of some basic financial records for your office, spreadsheets makes working with and reporting data much easier.  In this workshop, you learn basic- and intermediate-level skills in data entry, calculations, and organization.  You'll learn how to manage an existing data problem, and after becoming more familiar with Excel and Google Sheets, probably think of a few more uses for spreadsheets, too.  

What to do before the training:

We'll be working directly with spreadsheets in the workshop. So you're able to try the various operations we do, you can create your own data fairly quickly in the workshop. If you have data you're working with, make a copy, either as a Google Sheet, or as a .xlsx file, and bring it along. We also have a demo data set available if you'd like to use that:

Relevant Resources and Tutorials

Both Microsoft and Google maintain extensive support sites for Sheets and Excel:

Excel 2016 Support:

Google Sheets Support:

A good example of using functions in Sheets (& Excel):

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