If you maintain any content in the Canisius wiki, you may need more than one page.  Your first page was probably created for you by someone in ITS or COLI, but you can create subsequent pages yourself.


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Adding and Managing Pages in the Wiki

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02:25 Set Visibility Restrictions Before Publishing

03:58 Moving Pages Within a Wiki Space

04:59 Delete Wiki Pages

Creating New Wiki Pages

Before creating pages, understand how they are organized.  Your page is in a space.  Spaces subdivide the wiki, and in most cases, pages are in spaces belonging to one of the divisions or schools that make up Canisius College.  

Within that space pages are organized into a tree, where child pages are attached to parent pages, and the space home page is the ultimate parent page.  

To create a child page of any page in the wiki, go to that page and click the yellow Create button in the top bar:


The wiki automatically opens a page editor for your new page.  Title the page, and click Publish.  You can also add content before you publish, or just title the page, publish it, and come back to add content later

Other Important Tips and Features

Within the editor of a new page, click on the red padlock to adjust visibility settings before publishing the page.  This way, you can keep the page invisible to anyone but you (or a team) until it's ready for a larger audience.  

If you create multiple pages, use the Children Display Macro on your parent page to provide a menu of all your pages.  You can also install simple "back" links on child pages.  (Both of these options are discussed on a later page in this guideDo not rely on the gray lefthand sidebar menu because it doesn’t appear on mobile devices.

Moving and Deleting Pages

You can move pages around in the page tree structure.  Click the three horizontal dots in the upper right, and from its menu, choosing "View in Hierarchy."  In the following screen, you can rearrange pages within the hierarchy by clicking and dragging them.  

When dragging pages, watch carefully where the blue line is.  If you release your mouse button, the page will be moved to that spot in the page tree arrangement.  If you’d like to make a child page of another page, hover over that page, and you’ll see it highlight. Then release the mouse button, and it will be become a child page of that highlighted page.

Deleting a page is easy, too.  Click the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner, and choose Delete from the menu.  But be careful with this!  Confluence will tell you if there are links elsewhere in the wiki that point to this page, and you can click the link and see what they are.  You may need to change them.  Also, you will delete files that were attached to this page. 

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