In Confluence, you can control who has permission to view or edit pages.  For example, you can have some pages in your Confluence space visible to the entire world, while others are visible only by a few coworkers or collaborators.  Or you could have pages visible to Canisius employees, but only editable by you and one other coworker.  

Simple Restrictions

Here's a short video that explains how to use simple page restrictions for establishing visibility and editing rights on pages within your space.  In this video, you see how to grant rights to view or edit pages to individuals.  Often, this makes the most sense when establishing restricted pages for offices, departments, or committees:

With Confluence Page Restrictions:

  • If a page is visible to the entire internet, it will be cataloged by search engines (Google, Bing) and will appear in search results.
  • Visibility of a page also governs whether files attached to that page, even if they do not appear on that page, are visible.  So, a file in the behind-the-page "attachments" area ( ... menu) will appear in Google or Bing search results.  So be mindful of what's on the page, but also of what's attached to the page.
  • Visibility rights for whole spaces are set by administrators.  If you’d like to limit or open the visibility of a space you manage, you can contact your Confluence Administrator.  
  • You can access the restrictions tool by clicking "..." on the right side of the screen, and choosing "Restrictions."  There is also the "restricted/unrestricted" button  that looks like a padlock, at the top of the editor screen.  If you have page restrictions established, you can reopen the restrictions tool by clicking that padlock.
  • Visibility restrictions are inheritable.  If a parent page's visibility is restricted to one or more users, so too will be child pages.  
  • Editing restrictions are not inheritable.  Even if a parent page is editable by only one user, child pages will be editable by all with access to the space, unless separate editing restrictions are established on those pages, too.  
  • It is also possible to restrict Confluence pages to all Canisius College employees and/or students.  Contact the Center for Online Learning & Innovation if you are interested in this option.


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