Attached Files in the Wiki

In the Wiki, files can be uploaded, stored, and distributed to viewers and visitors.  They can be displayed on pages as clickable thumbnails but for efficiency they are better presented as links.  When clicked, many file types appear in a viewer, where visitors can read or view text, tables, images, and other illustrations, and scroll between pages.  If visitors have access to a file in Confluence, they can download a copy of it to their device.

Here is an example of a file stored by the wiki.  You can see this sample PDF in a viewer by clicking the link:

test&demo COLI.pdf  This is a crude link that displays the file name.

A Demonstrator File  This is a hyperlink that goes to the same file as above, but has a nicer link text that looks a bit more professional.

Tutorial Video

Adding and Managing Files in the Wiki

Full Screen

00:00 Introduction: How Files Are Displayed in the Wiki

00:54 Add a File to a Wiki Page

03:01 Edit Links to Files on a Wiki Page

03:48 Understanding and Using the Attachments Page

05:10 Important Things Concerning Files in the Wiki

Files as Attachments

Files stored in the Wiki are attached to particular pages.  You, and any visitors, can see all the files attached to a page by visiting the attachments page, by clicking the righthand menu icon, and choosing Attachments.  At a glance, the number after the link in the righthand Attachments link will show you how many files are attached to this page.

Listed on the attachments page are details about each file attached at that page, as well as a link to download all. 

It is important to remember the following about files in the wiki:

Any file attached to a page is findable and visible to anyone who can visit that page.  If a file is not linked or thumbnailed on that page, it is available to any visitors via the Attachments page.  Never assume that files attached to a page are unavailable to visitors to that page.

Files are always downloadable.  If a visitor can see a file anywhere in the wiki, they can download a copy of it.  

Files can be linked on pages other than the one to which they are attached.  If you click a link to a file on a wiki page, that leads to a file in the wiki, that file might be attached to a page to which you also have access.  It also may be stored somewhere else on the web, outside the wiki.  This might explain why the file is linked on a page, but does not appear in that page's Attachment page.  

The Wiki may not be the optimal location for shared files.  The wiki can "host" or house files for distribution to visitors.  But for certain applications, it may not be ideal.  For example, if you only need to periodically share files within a committee, and you neither need a set of hierarchical web pages, nor to share the files with the general public, then a Google Drive shared folder or team drive might be more efficient.  

Images displayed on a page are attached files.  If you go to the Attachments page for this wiki page, you will see the image displayed above listed as files named "wikiattach.jpg" and "wikiattach2.jpg." Note, however, that the embedded video is not an attachment (on this page, or any other in the wiki) because it is hosted at YouTube, and only embedded on this page.

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