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When you use wiki style headings, you can conveniently install the Table of Contents macro, which will create a handy navigation system to the various sections of your page.  

This page provides an example.  The following clickable table of contents is managed automatically by a macro, which displays headings created on the page:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Normal Paragraph Text.  Notice that this doesn't appear in the Table of Contents provided by a Macro, above.  That's by design!

Heading 1 again

Heading 2 again.

Here's what this page looks like in the editor.  You can see the macro as a placeholder box, rather than the table of contents it creates for visitors:

If you'd like to have a heading that, for whatever reason, doesn't appear in your table of contents, you can simply boldface Paragraph Text.  The next subsection has an example:

Table of Contents Macro

The Table of Contents Macro can be installed by clicking the + icon on the toolbar, and choosing Table of Contents from the list.

There are various ways to configure your Table of Contents Macro, and you can experiment with these to suit your needs.  In the editor, click on the gray macro box for Table of Contents, and choose "edit" from the context menu.

For example, you could have it display as a lateral list, rather than vertical: 

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