The Canisius College Policy Manual is the official source for all of the college’s policies.  Please log-in with your credentials to view the complete set of volumes.

The volumes herein contain policies that govern the activities of all members of the college community, including its trustees, executive officers, administrators, faculty, staff, student employees, students, and others who act on behalf of the college. Policies are derived from federal, state, and local laws and regulations, Middles States Commission on Higher Education accreditation standards, college guidelines and procedures, industry best practices, and generally accepted principles of ethical and professional conduct.   Accordingly, the Board of Trustees of the Canisius College of Buffalo, New York formally adopted and promulgated the following volumes of the Policy Manual on May 8, 2017:

Volume I:            Governance and Administration

Volume II:           Community Policies

Volume III:          Institution-Wide Employment Policies

Volume V:           Academic Policies

Volume VI:         Student Life Policies

Volume VII:        Business and Financial Affairs Policies

Volume VIII:       Sex and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy

Volume IX:          Environmental Health & Safety Policies

(Please note that Volume IV, the Faculty Handbook, is currently under review by the Faculty Senate.)

Development of the Canisius College Policy Manual began in Spring 2016 to organize and update the college’s policies and to introduce new policies to comply with various requirements and standards.  This site for the Canisius College Policy Manual serves as the official inventory for institution-wide policies. Please note that some policies are restricted to authorized campus users and that department-specific policies are not included here.  Any office that develops policy-related publications will “pull from” or “link to” the applicable board-approved policy to ensure consistency.  Policies can also be exported into MS Word or as a PDF and printed from this site by clicking the ellipsis icon in the upper right-hand corner of the web page.

Policies undergo a regular cycle of review by the responsible college officer and any new policy development or policy amendment is subject to the standards and procedures set forth in Policy 1.8, Policy Development, Amendment, and Approval.  The Associate Vice President for Human Resources & Compliance is responsible for maintaining the Policy Manual and general oversight of the college’s compliance with all regulatory, legal, or contractual obligations.  

Questions About Policies:

If you have any questions about Canisius’ policies, including where to locate a policy or whether a policy applies to a particular situation, please contact the Responsible Officer listed on the policy or contact the Associate Vice President for Human Resources & Compliance or the Associate Vice President, Assistant to the President.

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Current Policies Under Review:

Policy Manual Revision Review

Volume I

Governance and Administration 

1.1       General Information. 

1.2       Charter and Bylaws of the Canisius College of Buffalo, New York. 

1.3       Board of Trustees Policies. 

1.4       Canisius College Organizational Structure. 

1.5       Governance of Canisius College. 

1.6       College-wide Standing Councils and Committees. 

1.7       Board of Regents and Alumni Association. 

1.8       Policy Development, Amendment, and Approval 

1.9       Substantive Change Reporting. 

Appendix 1: Director Questionnaire - Independence. 

Appendix 2: Conflict of Interest Questionnaire. 

Appendix 3: Hiring of Partners, Principals, Stockholders & Other Auditor  Employees 

Appendix 4: Canisius College Board of Regents Bylaws. 

Volume II

Community Policies


2.1       General Institutional Policies. 

2.2       Health and Environmental Safety Policies. 

2.3       Campus Security Policies. 

2.4       Information Technology Policies. 

2.5       Campus Operations and Facilities Management Policies. 

2.6       Marketing and College Communications Policies. 

2.7       Institutional Advancement Policies. 

Appendix 1: Standards of Ethical Conduct – Federal Law Overview.

Appendix 2: Standards of Ethical Conduct – Code of Conduct for Financial Professionals. 

Appendix 3: Volunteer Forms. 


Volume III

Employment Policies


3.1       Employee Status Policies.

3.2       Employee Recruitment Policies. 

3.3       Workplace Policies. 

3.4       Absences and Leaves Policies. 

3.5       Benefit Policies. 

3.6       Compensation Policies. 

3.7       Librarian Handbook. 

 Volume V

Academic Policies

5.1       Admissions Policies.

5.2       Registration Policies.

5.3       Academic Policies. 

5.4       Academic Administration Policies.

5.5       Research Policies. 


Volume VI

Student Life Policies

6.1         Community Standards. 

6.2         Residence Life Policies. 

6.3         Student Accessibility Policy. 

6.4         Student Financial Aid Policies. 

6.5         Student Club and Organization Policies. 

6.6         Student Grievance (Non-Academic) Policy. 

Volume VII

Business and Financial Affairs Policies

7.1       Accounting Policies. 

7.2       Budget Policies

7.3       Finance Policies

7.4       Purchasing Policies. 

Volume VIII

Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy

Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy

Volume IX

Environmental Health and Safety Manual

9.0       Introduction.

9.1       Occupational Health and Safety. 

9.2       Chemical Safety. 

9.3       Exposure Control Plan. 

9.4       Environmental Management 

9.5       Radiation Safety Program.

Appendix A – Public Safety SDS Retrieval Procedure. 

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