Information on dealing with stress and anxiety:

Several resources are available to employees that are feeling overwhelmed. Resources that can be of assistance are the Telemedicine benefit which provides mental health consultations at a $0 co-pay and the Employee Assistance Program through Integrated Behavioral Health which provides unlimited telephonic counseling sessions at no cost.

Some additional information to review is listed below.


How to Cope With Anxiety About Coronavirus.pdf

Provider Information:

Independent Health Member Services:

1-716-631-8701; 1-800-501-3439

Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions

1-716-635-7880; 1-888-878-9172


Flexible Spending Account

1-716-505-8566; 1-877-268-3799

Guardian - Group Number 937409

NYS Disability 1-888-878-262-5670

NYS Paid Family Leave 1-800-268-2525

Employee Assistance Plan (Integrated Behavioral Health)


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