5/17/2023 - A separate appraisal process was implemented for the coaching staff.   The same process exists but the questions are different.   The Dynamic Form is called HR Appraisal Form (Athletic Coaches).   The process is the same but the questions differ.  Attached is the appraisal for athletic coaches.  AthleticAppraisal.pdf

HR must evaluate the Business Objects report ppsr183 to validate the data.   This report is pulled from Banner so any changes should be made in Banner if a supervisor is incorrect.   Once all the data in the report is correct, export the data to excel.  Delete any rows where individuals should not receive the invitation for an appraisal.  Send this spreadsheet to Pam Dart and she will send out the invitations to the employees listed on that report.

Initial Invitation sent to all participants on June 22nd:

When the employee clicks on the link, the following screen will appear.  (The last name, email and supervisor information is blacked out to protect this person’s privacy.  Additionally, the same person was used as the employee and supervisor in this example.)

The employee can save their input without submitting it to their supervisor by clicking on Save Progress.  They can return to the form as necessary until they are satisfied with their input by using the original link in the email.  There is a 45 minute timer in the upper corner of the page.  The form will time out and a warning message will be displayed at the 43 minute mark.    When they are ready to submit their self-assessment to their supervisor, they click on Next and electronically sign their assessment. 

After they sign their form this message is displayed:

The employee can chose to view the form as a PDF by clicking the button above.   This will open a new tab in the browser window as shown below:

When the employee signed off on their self-assessment, an email was sent to their supervisor (show below)


In the myCanisius Portal, under the my Applications section, you will see a link to My Electronic Forms.  This link will take you to the software that was used to create the HR Appraisal Process.

In the upper right corner there is an option for My Forms. 

Select Pending/Draft forms. 

A list of all submitted forms will be displayed.  Select the Appraisal you wish to edit and  Click on Action and Complete Form to be able to edit an Appraisal.  

To Print the Appraisal for Employee Meeting-select HTML-right click to save as a PDF and print

They will see the self-assessment information entered by the employee.  The employee cannot revise that information.  Those fields are in blue.  The supervisor will complete the fields highlighted in yellow.


Exceptional Performance- Performance and job success factors were exceptional for the employee’s position. Employee consistently exceeded all expectations while producing outstanding results.

Exceeds Expectations- Employee made a significant contribution demonstrating highly effective performance. Employee has exceeded most performance and job success factor expectations.

Meets Expectations- Employee made a meaningful contribution to the success of the College. Key performance and job success factor expectations were fulfilled.

Improvement Required- Performance and/or job success factors fell below expectations for the position.

Unsatisfactory Performance- Employee does not meet the minimum performance job requirements for the position.

N/A -Unable to rate performance.

Note:  The Supervision and Leadership question appears only for Administrators.

The supervisor completes their portion (in yellow) of the assessment.   They electronically sign the form:

The Supervisor can then chose to:

  • Save Progress to save their input but not complete the process. Supervisors should save their input and then meet with the employee to review the performance appraisal.
  • They can Return For Revision  if the employee needs to make any additional edits to their self-assessment that they had forgotten to enter initially.

Once the appraisal meeting has been completed:

  • The Supervisor should select "Submit Form" to return the form to the employee for signature and a final comment.

The following screen will appear upon submission of the form:

The employee then receives the following email:

When the employee clicks on the link they will see the following:

 The employee now has the opportunity to add an additional comment and sign off on their appraisal.

Once signed the following will appear on the screen and in an email.


Prior appraisals will be available to review in the portal under the HR tab-named HR Appraisal History

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