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This site provides more information about the tools and services offered to stakeholders at Canisius College. 



What is it: A place to create, store, discuss, and organize.

How to use it: Groups, committees, training, documentation, files.  Quick web content creation and editing, with collaboration and visibility restriction options.

More information: How to Use Confluence | Demo Space

What is it: Learning management system.

How to use it: Course shells and virtual academic activities: discussions, dropboxes, quizzes and tests.

More information: Desire2Learn

What is it: Access to all college-related sites and resources.

How to use it: Campus single-sign on, communities.


What is it: Virtual storage hosted by the college.

How to use it: Desktop capable cloud storage for faculty and staff.  Legacy cloud storage option for students.

More information:

Access your Canisius Network Storage on Filer


What is it: A suite of productivity applications; Drive, Gmail (students), YouTube.

How to use it: Desktop and mobile-capable Cloud storage and collaboration. Basic online office suite, surveys and forms. Gmail is the official college email for students.

More information: gapps

What is it: Email client.

How to use it: Official college email, faculty and staff.

More information: Exchange and Outlook for Email and Calendars

What is it: Survey platform.

How to use it: Online surveys and forms. Advanced features for surveying and data reporting or export.

More information: Qualtrics

What is it: Web conferencing systems.

How to use it: Conduct synchronous Web conferences with members of the college or outside the college. Good, also, for live-streaming events.

More information: Zoom for Web Conferencing

What is it: Blogging platform.

How to use it: Regularly updated content and news. Blogs will aggregate.Use Mailchimp to automatically email the blog feed in a newsletter.

More information: Blogs@Canisius

More about ITS

Information Technology Services Department (ITS) at Canisius College provides all computer, media, network, and telephone resources at Canisius.   ITS staff members work hard to supply Canisius College users with the best in digital tools, resources, and options available for learning, teaching, research, and administrative work..  

The groups within ITS include, User Services, Administrative Computing (Programmer and Analysts), Infrastructure & Telephony, Media Center, and Network Engineering and Security. While no longer officially part of ITS, the FacTS (Faculty Technology Services) Center works closely with ITS to provide instruction, teaching, and learning technology support for students, faculty and staff. (See The FacTS Center site for more information)

FacTS Center:  Support for Teaching and Learning

The FacTS Center (Faculty Technology Services) was established to make academic technology services more accessible to full and part time faculty.  It provides instructional design and support for on-campus, blended, hybrid and online courses. The FacTS Center staff is happy to help faculty with events and services such as: 

    • Consultation in the effective use of technology tools for classroom and online use
    • Instruction in using our learning management software - Desire2Learn
    • Instruction in using GotoMeeting
    • Instruction in using Softchalk
    • Support for use of Instructional Technology Classrooms (ITCs)
    • Support in the use of productivity software (such as Word Processing or Spreadsheets)
    • Seminars/workshops in academic technology
    • Assistance with multimedia teaching materials
    • Training for effective use of laptops and instructional tools
    • Support for scholarly applications, including online survey and bibliographic management tools. 

Academic Computing Advisory Committee

Academic Computing Advisory Committee invites participation from every academic department along with administrators from Information Technology Services and the FaCTS Center.  Participants discuss campus technology issues, explore software applications, and investigate new technology initiatives. 

Help and Assistance

Help Desk Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions


Acceptable Use of Computer and Network Systems by Employees

Acceptable Use of Computer and Network Systems by Students

Privacy Guidelines

Other ITS Policies

Strategic Plan

Library and Information Services Long Range Plan, May 2012

Strategic Plan Updates



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