As part of our planning for the New Buffalo Institute, the task force organized to work on this initiative would like to find out how the members of our campus are connected to organizations and key individuals, particularly in the college's surrounding area, within the following areas of interest:

  • Buffalo Promise Neighborhood
  • Buffalo Public Schools
  • Refugee or immigrant populations or organizations working with New Americans
  • Hamlin Park Neighborhood
  • Entrepreneurship and emerging opportunities at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus
  • Sustainability

The survey that will first ask you to indicate your areas of involvement in these focus areas. Next, you will be asked for your contact information and to detail the connections that you have in the identified areas.

If you are involved in any of these areas, please take our survey.

Q & A

Why are you collecting this information?

To assist the planning process, the task force wants to develop a better understanding of the relationships that already exist among our faculty and staff and the larger community. We hope the responses will tell us where people are involved, the type of work they are engaged in, and help us to coordinate our efforts.  Using the input from our campus community, we intend to visually map our connections - something that has never been done at the college before – to help us understand our impact in the community and inform our planning.

What if I have meaningful connections in areas not mentioned?

There is a lot of good and important work occurring in many different arenas of our community, but the NBI planning group identified the six areas of interest for this initial round of planning. There is also particular interest in learning more about our connections in the East Side of Buffalo, where there is great opportunity to make an impact and which is in close geographic proximity to campus. If  this exercise proves to be a fruitful one, we may expand the survey in the future.

What if I have too many connections in these areas to list individually?

We can't wait to talk to you! The form allows you to describe 10 connections, but if you have more, please contact Erica Sammarco to set up a meeting.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about these activities, please contact Erica Sammarco

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