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Installation instructions for installing printers on a Windows machine with Windows 7 up to Windows 10

Add Canisius networked printers to your laptop

Important: Make sure your Windows device is connected to CanisiusWireless

  1. Download and run this Mobility Print Printer Setup (pc-mobility-print-printer-setup.exe).
  2. On the License Agreement screen, click Next.
    Select the printer you want to add from the list.
  3. Select a printer; then click Next.
    Enter your username and password in the two boxes that follow.
  4. Enter your Canisius Username and Password; then click Next.
  5. Click Finish.
    This is what both printers should look like in Windows 7.
  6. MyColorPrintJob and MyGrayscalePrintJob are the two Canisius printers.  It is a good idea to set the MyGrayscalePrintJob printer as your default.
  7. To add both you need to run the Mobility Print Printer setup twice.

Here is a general video which walks through the process

Installation movie