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Canisius students can print out documents on many campus printers located in the library, hallways, and various public spaces.  Here's how: 

Here's some things to remember when you print:

  • Students pay 4 cents per page when printing black & white, double-sided, and 20 cents per page for color, double-sided printing.  (Single-sided is 5 cents a page for black and white, and 25 cents a page for color printing.)  
  • Each semester you are registered for classes, you receive $15.00 added to your printing account.  You can add more money to this account at any time.  
  • After you print a document from a campus PC, go to the printer that is most convenient.  
  • If the printer is in energy saver mode, press the power saver button to bring the printer online.  This make take several seconds.  
  • Once printer is online,  identify yourself by sliding your Canisius College user ID.  
  • You’ll see a list of print jobs that you sent to the print cue. You can print these out one at a time, or choose “print all.”  
  • Your printout will appear after several seconds, and the relevant charges will assessed on your printing account.  
  • Be sure to log out of the printer when you are finished.

Brought your own PC or Mac to campus?  Great!  You can print from that, too:

Printing from your own Mac

Printing from your own Windows laptop

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