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Canisius College Physics Department Website

Careers for Physics Majors

The Canisius physics degree options are excellent preparation for medical school, law school, or other graduate study, and for well-paying jobs straight out of undergraduate.

Skills You will Gain as a Physics Major

The National Science Foundation says that earning a degree in a science is good for you, even if you don't go to work in a technical job.

Want to learn more about the kinds of jobs that are available to physics majors? The American Institute of Physics keeps a database of job opportunities that you may enjoy perusing. You may also be interested in statistical research they have collected on education and careers in physics. The Industrial Physicist maintains a series of profiles on people who pursue careers in applied physics.

Career Preparation for Physics Majors

What about Graduate School in Physics?

Anyone can quantum! - Paul Rudd versus Stephen Hawking.

The Canisius College Big Physics Question - A Contest for High School Students