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Access your Canisius Network Storage on Filer
All users at Canisius are provided with an allotment of network storage space. One advantage of this is the ability to get to your files from more than one computer across the campus network.


Access to your Network Storage

  • Windows users:
    When logging into a college-owned Windows PC, users will automatically be connected to their network storage. This network storage will appear in "My Computer" under the heading "Network Drives" or "Network Location" and will usually be designated (H:)
  • Mac users:
    Please follow the Mac OS X instructions located in the "Web-Based" section below

Access to your Network Storage

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

    • Setting-up Netdrive - instruction sheet
    • For windows 10 follow the Windows 7 and 8 instructions.  Then press the windows key and the letter E to get the drive mapping window.  Then right click on The PC and left click on May network drive

Mac OS X

Table of URLs
Needed for reference when making your web-based connection.

User TypeURL to EnterComments
Student to 6/10/2018
Student Clubs to 6/10/2018
Faculty to 6/10/2018
Staff to 6/10/2018
ITS StaffUse VPN
Home directory[first letter of username]/usernamevalid after 6/10/2018

Note: If you are unable to find your folder, it may be the result of you having had more than one affiliation with Canisius College. If that is the case, you may need to look under a different "User Type" than you expected.