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To log into a shared account directly using a web browser to to enter the <mailbox> / shared mailbox name and the password

From Outlook (the full client on your PC), in the left column where your folders are, eventually <mailbox> / shared mailbox name will show up below your folders. If you click on the black triangle next to your e-mail address to minimize your folders, the <mailbox> / shared mailbox name folder will show up & you can open by clicking on the clear triangle to expand it.  This was just set up, so it may not appear for Outlook for you until you exit out of Outlook and get back into it later.

From Outlook ( on a mac) Use the following to permanently add a shared account.

In the instructions instead of adding the name of the person type in the name of the <mailbox> / shared mailbox name.

From OWA (the portal path to if you normally use this, click in the upper right corner on your name and a dialog box should open saying Open Other Mailbox. In the Select mailbox: space in this dialog, type in <mailbox> / shared mailbox name (should start to fill in as you start to type), then click on Open. This gets you into that mailbox. To switch back to your own mail, then you click on <mailbox> / shared mailbox name in the upper right corner & start typing your e-mail until it fills in & click Open, which will return you to your own mailbox.

Utilize the following to update a shared mailbox password: the username is <mailbox> / shared mailbox name and enter the current password.