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You can add the Google Drive app, and your Canisius Google Drive, to your iPhone or iPad.  This makes it easier to access files you store there for classes or other work at the college.  Also, you can upload photos, video, and other media you create using your iOS device, for use in your Canisius Google Drive.

Video Tutorial


Installing the Google Drive app.

If you do not have the Google Drive app installed, go to iOS App Store to get it.  

In the iOS App Store, search for Google Drive.  Be certain you choose and install Google's own Google Drive App (Google LLC), and not a third-party app.  

You may see one of two icons in the App store, in the upper right of the Google Drive App block:

Tapping either will install Google Drive to your Device.

Log into the Google Drive App

Once you've installed the app, log into it.  This can either add it as the first or only Google account, or add it in addition to a private gmail account.  (The app will then let you easily switch between accounts and corresponding drives.)

When Google asks you for your email, use 

(your username)

The "my." is important because it turns your email address into a special identifier Google uses for your Canisius account.

Once you click "Next" on the Google Login screen, you'll see the familiar Canisius login screen, where you can use your Canisius College username (not email address) and password:

Adding Media to Your Google Drive

Various apps for photographing, recording, and editing photos and videos may have different arrangements for sending the resulting media to your Google Drive.  But if the App is installed, you should see it where you can upload or share photos or video.  In the below image, the red arrows point to common icons in iOS apps:

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