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Please first view this video to get your Secret iCal link from Google Calendar. If you are unfamiliar with Google Calendar in general and want to learn more, please view the video from the beginning.

Using some techniques learned from the above video, we will add the Google Calendar to our desktop Outlook application. Let's get started.


1Open the Outlook Desktop Application

2Use CTRL+2 (Windows) or CMD+2 (Mac) to access your calendar. Or type in Calendar in the "Tell me what you want to do..." search bar.

3Click on Open Calendar

4Choose From Internet... in the dropdown.

5Paste in your Secret iCal link and hit OK. You may get some more dialogue (i.e., give this Calendar a title), but they are pretty self-explanatory.

6Your calendar should appear automatically, but if not, you can check to see if it is deselected under Other Calendars and then select it. Or give Outlook a few minutes to update.

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