Our campus license for Adobe software has changed. We now have a new way of managing Adobe software for our faculty and staff computers on campus. This new method is based on named users utilizing your Canisius email address to create an Adobe ID. Please follow the instructions below if you wish to be able to use any of the Adobe Creative Cloud software. This includes Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, etc...

*Please note - If you currently have a campus license for any Adobe Creative Cloud software, it will be expiring by mid-November.   Your software will stop working.  If you wish to continue to use it you must sign up for the new licenses as directed below.  Software older such as CS6 should not be affected by this change.  Named user licenses are NOT for use on your personal computers.  Faculty and Staff can purchase work-at-home licenses of software available from the Kivuto store.

Several new features will be available including:

  • Adobe Portfolio
  • 20GB online storage for collaboration and asset management
  • Additional font libraries and stock images
  • Web content
  • Integration of the mobile and desktop experience on the Adobe platform

To learn more about what features the Adobe Creative Cloud has to offer click here

This new licensing model does NOT apply to student labs or make software available for students personal computers. Students using lab computers will NOT be able to take advantage of the additional features of the Creative Cloud such as online storage and fonts.  Alternatively, students looking to purchase software for their personally-owned computers, should visit the Kivuto store.

Unfortunately we do not have enough named licenses for adjuncts.   If there is Adobe software that you need as an adjunct we will install it on a campus owned computer in your department for your use.   Please email helpdesk@canisius.edu with these requests as well.   If you wish to purchase for use at home please refer to the Kivuto Store for a discounted price.

How do I request a Canisius license?

Canisius Adobe ID accounts are provisioned at the Help Desk. Please use the following instructions to request your Canisius Adobe ID:

Step 1: Send an email to helpdesk@canisius.edu
  • In your message state your request for an Canisius Adobe ID
  • Be sure it is sent from your Canisius email account

Step 2: Check your email

  • Once your request is processed you will receive and email from Adobe inviting you to join the NERCOMP-Canisius College software service
    • Requests are usually processed in the same business day
  • You will need to click on the Accept Invitation link in this email message

The message should look like this:




Step 3: Login to your Adobe ID
  • You will be taken to the Adobe ID login page 
  • If you already have an Adobe ID associated with your Canisius College email address simply sign in  
  • If you do not have an Adobe ID yet, you will need to create one
  • A license for the entire Creative Cloud Suite will now be associated with your Canisius College username.  

Your login window should look like this:

Step 4: Logging into/Obtaining Creative Cloud
  • If you had the Creative Cloud Desktop application installed with a previous version simply open it and log in with your Canisius Adobe ID and password. From here, all the available software and features will be displayed.  
  • If you need to download the Creative Cloud Desktop Application click here.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk at x8340 or email at helpdesk@canisius.edu