You can quickly add a rubric to your dropbox to make grading faster. Watch this video on creating rubrics and follow the steps below to attach it to a Dropbox Assignment. If you need to delete a rubric, go here.

1Go to the D2L Dropbox Tab

2Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the folder you want to edit. Then choose Edit Folder from the options that appear in the menu.

3Click on the Evaluation & Feedback tab. Then choose "Add Rubric" under the section titled "Rubrics".


You can choose to either Create a New Rubric or Add an Existing Rubric.

If you choose Create New, follow the steps that will be on your screen and then skip to step 6. 

If you choose Add Existing, please continue to step 5.


A new menu will pop up giving you a list of your available rubrics.

Click on the checkbox to the left of the rubric you want to use. If you need to, you can also select more than one rubric to use.

When you are done adding your rubric(s), click on the blue Add Selected button in the bottom left. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the menu to see it.

6The rubric(s) will appear underneath the Rubrics Section. If you are done making changes to your dropbox, you can click either the blue Save and Close button in the lower-left or the gray Save button to the right of it.

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