In D2L you can attach Rubrics to Dropboxes. Sometimes, you might attach the wrong rubric or attached too many rubrics. The steps below outline how to remove these Rubrics. If you want to add a rubric, go here.

1Go to the D2L Dropbox Tab

2Click on the dropdown carat to the right of the dropbox you want to edit and choose Edit Folder from the menu that appears.

3Click on the Evaluation & Feedback Tab

  1. Click on the X to the right of the Rubric that you want to delete from the dropbox. If you have received and/or graded submissions using this rubric, you may get a pop-up warning which you can ignore.


When you do that, D2L will inform you that the rubric has been detached. Click on either Save and Close or Save and the rubric will disappear.

If you used the rubric to grade already, you will get a pop-up stating "All assessments will be removed. Are you really sure that you want to Detach the Rubric?". Simply click on the blue Detach button in the lower-right corner.

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