You may want to export the history of all Agents in your course for your personal record. Note that this History will not show an email, just whether or not an email was sent.


Go to Edit Course in the course navbar

2Find and click on Intelligent Agents in the Communication section.

3Click on More Actions in the upper-left, under Agent List. Click on Export Agent History.


You will be sent to the Export Agent History page.

By default, the Select an Agent menu will have All selected. Clicking on this will allow you to choose any other agents you have created for the course.

If you would like to include Practice runs, click on the checkbox to the left of Include Practice Runs (for the purposes of this tutorial, we will be, though you likely will not have to nor want to).

You can also choose the date range by clicking on From This Date and To This Date.

When you are done, click on Export.


Depending on how many agents you have, you will be sent to the Export Success page immediately. This page will have a link in the middle of the page to a CSV file using your D2L course space number/Org Unit ID, the name of the export, and the date. Click on it to download the file.


The CSV file will have information on the course in Columns A (OrgUnitId), B (OrgUnitCode), and C (OrgUnitName).

It will also contain information about the users that triggered in Columns D (FirstName) and E (LastName), Information on the Agent in Columns F (AgentName), G (AgentRunDate), H (AgentRunType), and finally any actions that were taken by the Agent, though we are only interested in Column H (ActionEmailSent).

Note: The Exported History of the Agents does not include a Copy of the email sent to users, only if an email was sent. If you want a copy of the email for your records, either ensure that you are BCC'd when you set up the Agent or view the specific Agent's history and Results pages.

*Click on the image to enlarge it.

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