In D2L, you can now provide grade exemptions for a student or groups of students for specific grade items.

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1Go to the Grades Tab in D2L.

2Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the grade item that you want to exempt.

3Choose Enter Grades in the menu that appears.

4Select the checkbox to the left of the student's name and click on Exempt to the right of Add Feedback.

Click on the image to expand it.


When you do, D2L will dash out the grade for the student and, in the Scheme column, will put a grey box with the word "Exempt" in the middle.

Click on Save or Save and Close to save the exemption.

6The upper picture shows what the grade book will look like for the instructor and the lower one is what it will look like from the student's perspective.

Instructor perspective

Student perspective

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Unexempt a student?

A: Yes. Follow the same steps above except choose Unexempt instead of Exempt.

Q: If I Unexempt a student, will their grade still be there?

A: Yes, the student's original grade will be there. 

Q: Does D2L automatically re-calculate if I Exempt/Unexempt a student?

A: Yes, if you have Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade set up appropriately.

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