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If you use the D2L grade book, you may often find yourself unsure whether or not students can see their grades. Below, we will show you a few ways that will help determine what the student can and cannot see.


If students are unable to see a grade, it may be because you have hidden the grade or have not released/published the grade yet.

Regular Grade Items

For a regular grade item (i.e., grade items that are not the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade), this might be a little difficult to figure out from the Enter Grades Screen. So instead follow these steps:

1Click on Manage Grades at the top.

2From there, you will see a list of your grades. If any of them have the crossed-out eye icon to the right of their name, students will not be able to see the grade.

3Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the grade item that you want to make visible.

4In the menu that appears, click on the option "Make Visible to Users" and the crossed-out eye will disappear. The grade item will now be visible to your users.

Final Grade Items (Calculated and Adjusted)

It is a little easier to figure out whether or not your students can see these grade items with Final Grade items. In the Enter Grades Screen, you should see either an open eye or crossed out eye to the right of the grade. If you see the crossed-out eye, it means that you need to release the grade so that students can see it. The steps below will work for both the Final Calculated Grade and Final Adjusted Grade.

1In the Enter Grades Screen, find Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade.

2Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of Final Calculdated Grade/Final Adjusted Grade.

3In the menu that appears, click on Enter Grades.

4Scroll down until you see "20 per page" in the bottom right. Click on it and choose 200 per page. The Page will reload and should show you your entire class.

5Scroll back to the top and select the checkbox to the left of Last Name, First Name. This will allow you to select all students in your course.

6Click on Release/Unrelease, aboe where it says Final Calculated Grade. In far right is a column that says Released. All of the checkboxes in this column should be checked.

7Click on the blue Save and Close button in the lower-left corner. Click on Yes for the Confirmation pop-up.

8When you go back to the Enter Grades Screen, the icon should have changed from a crossed-out eye to an open eye.

Preview What Students See

You can also preview what students see when they look at their grades. Note that this preview may not be exactly what a student sees but it is close enough.

1In the Enter Grades Screen, find a student you are interested in previewing the grades of. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the student's name.

2In the menu that appears, click on Preview.

3From there, a pop-up winodw should appear and show you what a student sees. 

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