Courses close at the end of the semester for every student. However, some students may require an exemption for an extended time with the course, i.e., have filled out the Incomplete Grade Application. You can extend a student's time in the course with the Student-Incomplete roll. They will then have access to the course as a regular student is able to, which may mean opening closed assignments and such. It also means changing their role back to Student when they have completed the necessary late work/assignments, so it is a good idea to have a notification on your calendar for when you should do this. Follow the steps below to change a student's role in the course:

1Go to the Classlist screen in D2L.

2Check the box to the left of the student(s) that you want to change the role of.

3Click on the blue Enrollment link to the right of the Print link above the list.

4This will take you to a new screen with some drop-down menus. Using the drop-down menu in the right-most column (titled New Row) will allow you to individually set each student's enrollment. Click on Select New Role and choose Student-Incomplete from the options available to you.

5Click on the blue Save button in the bottom-left corner when you have finished updating the student's role. 

6You will be sent back to the Classlist screen in D2L and should also be able to see the updated role of the student by clicking the All tab, underneath Enrollment Statistics.

7When you need to change the role back to Student, follow the above steps but choose the Student option when you reach step 4. If you are unable to find the student, make sure you are in the All tab, as shown in step 6 in the top-most picture.

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