In D2L, you can copy questions from one quiz to another quiz quickly and easily. This may be useful for a cumulative exam, for example. NOTE: This is not for copying quizzes from one course shell to another course shell. If you are interested in that, please view this video or view this page here. If you are interested in advanced question randomization using the question library, which also allows you to reuse questions easily, you can view this video. For other help in D2L, please go to D2L Self-Paced Training for Faculty and Staff

1Go to the Quiz Section in your Course.

2Find and click on the quiz from the list of quizzes that you want to have your questions imported to or create a new quiz by clicking the blue New Quiz button in the upper left corner.

3Go down to Quiz Questions and click on the grey Add/Edit Questions button.

4If you are doing this with a brand new quiz or a quiz with no questions, you get this screen:

5Click on Import.

6When you do, a menu with two choices will appear; click on Browse Question Library.

7When you click on that, a menu from the right will appear; you may or may not have anything in the Question Library, but that's fine. What we are interested in is Source in the upper-right hand corner.

8When you click on Source, a dropdown menu will appear with all of your quizzes. Choose one of the quizzes that you want questions from.

9When you do that, the menu will change and only show you questions from the "source".

10By clicking on the Checkboxes to the left of each question, you have selected them to import to your quiz. If you want to bring in everything, you can select the checkbox at the top; in this example, the title is "3 items". Yours may say "10 items" or "20 items"; it's based on the number of questions in your quiz. NOTE: you can only import from one quiz at a time.

11Hit the blue Import button in the bottom left corner of the menu.

12When you do, you will be sent to this window, which will have a list of the questions that you have selected or created in the quiz. If you want to import more questions, click on the grey Import button in the upper left, to the right of the blue Add button, and follow steps 6-11.

12aEvery aspect of the question is imported, including the points. If you want to edit a question, simply click on the question, do your edits, and hit save as you would normally. But when you hit save here, a new page appears called Question in Use.  D2L is asking you whether you wish to change the question only in this quiz, or also in other quizzes (and in the question library), all at once.  You may simply hit the blue Save button in the lower-left corner, to make the change in the current quiz.

13When you are done importing, you can either quickly view the quiz by clicking on the blue Preview link in the upper-right or go back to the settings page by clicking on the Back to Setting button in the upper-left corner of the webpage.

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