The Matching question option in Quizzes can be used to provide a traditional word bank or phrases and match to their meanings, match historical events to people or times, formulas to their uses, etc. Using this tutorial, you will be able to use the D2L Matching Question type proficiently. If you would prefer to watch a video, you can watch the COLI tutorial here. For other tutorials, please view D2L Self-Paced Training for Faculty and Staff

1Click on the Blue Add button, in the upper left of the Quiz Question Editor window

2Click on New Question and then scroll down until you find Matching, between Fill in the Blank and Ordering. Click on Matching.

3In the Matching Question Editor, you can give your question a title (which is useful if you plan on putting this question in the Question Library) and give your question a number of points.

4Scrolling down a bit further, you can and must put in the Question text-- what exactly do you want students to do?  Here is where you can provide general instructions for the whole question. 


Under the section titled Choices, is Grading, which has 3 options:

  • Equally weighted is additive and each Match counts as a portion of the total points that the question offers. For example, if the question is worth 10 points and you have 5 Matches, each match is worth 2 points. If the student incorrectly answers 2 Matches, the equation would look like: 2+2+2+0+0 totaling 6 out of the 10 points. 
  • All or nothing means that the student either gets all the Matches correct or gets no points.
  • Right minus wrong is similar to Equally Weighted except that wrong answers count against a student. Taking the example above, the equation would look like: 2+2+2-2-2 totaling 2 points out of the possible 10. Right minus wrong does not go below zero.

6Scrolling further down the page, you can add Choices. Choices are, for example, the definition of the word or the description of the historical event. D2L automatically gives you 2 Choices. Let's say you want to have 4 choices. To do that, you change the number to the right of Add Choice to 2. The reason it is 2 instead of 4 is because this is an additive process; it will add the number of Choices you defined to the existing list of Choices. However you have your list set up is how students will view it when taking the quiz. Note: it is highly recommended that you complete step 7 before adding in any text as this will help speed things up a little bit. 

7Continuing further down the page is Matches. This is where you put in the word you want students to define or the historical figure/year, etc. Unlike Choices, these do become randomized when students take the quiz. In a similar process to Choices, you can add more Matches by changing the number on the right to the number of Add Match to add to the existing list of Matches

8Add in the text for your Choices and Matches. You can also add in Videos or Photos instead of or in addition to the text.
9After you are done adding in your text and/or other media, you can hit the Preview button to see what it will look like when your students take the quiz. When you are done previewing the question, click on the blue Done button in the lower-left corner.

10When you are done, hit the blue Save button in the lower left.

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