This page will show you several ways to create an Introduction for your D2L Quizzes.

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Using the Quiz Description

This is the most similar way to doing it when there was an Introduction Text box

1Go to Edit Quiz by clicking on the Name of the quiz you want to add an introduction to.

2Scroll Down to where it says Description. Click on Expand description.

3When you click on Expand, you will see a toggle to turn on the Description and a Text box. Click on On for the toggle-- this will allow students to see the description. Then just type in your instructions. You can also add images and links to the Description.

4Click on either the blue Save and Close button or the grey Save button in the lower-left to save your Description.

5When students go to access the quiz, they will see the Description on the first screen informing them of the quiz details-- just before they actually start the quiz.

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