In D2L, you can have quizzes and exams provide students with a view of their quiz submission, including questions, correct answers, and their own answers, in several different configurations.  These can become available automatically just after a student completes a quiz, or only after you publish graded quizzes manually.

This feature is called a Submission View.  By this D2L means a particular view or screen activated for students that, after they have completed a quiz, shows them information about their individual submission, or completed quiz attempt.  

Setup a Quiz Submission View

Within a quiz's editor, click "Submission Views," the far right tab in the toolset:

Within the Submission Views toolset you can alter the default view, but the better way (from an organization standpoint) is to create an Additional view.  Do so by clicking the Add Additional View button.

On the following screen (Submission View editor) you start by providing a name.  We recommend simply "Student View."

You can choose a Date restriction.  The submission view will only become available to students after the date and time you specify.  This can discourage students from sharing quiz questions with others who have not yet taken the quiz.

The most important feature is View Details.  What would you like your students to see?  You need to click the "Yes" radio button to show them some configuration of quiz questions.  You can choose whether, for example, to show them all the quiz's questions, or only those for which they chose the wrong answer.  Then decide whether or you want D2L to display the correct answer, based on the key answers you chose when writing the questions in D2L.

When you have configured the submission view, click the blue Save button to activate it.

If you would like your quiz to show a submission view immediately after your students complete a quiz, be sure to check that box under the Assessment tab in the quiz editor: 

When configured, your students will see a quiz submission that has some number of quiz questions, perhaps the correct answers, and/or their own answers.  Quiz submissions are viewable using the D2L quiz preview.

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